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Our Approach

Kintsukuroi (kint-soo-ko-roy) is more than the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer and other material such as gold or silver. It is a philosophical approach that recognizes we all experience tilings in our life that affect us in ways that leave permanent inscriptions. Instead of attempting to ignore or bury such a history, a kintsukuroi approach accepts the impacted past, insists that mending is possible, and that in so doing the whole person is more beautiful because of their “golden journey”.

At Kintsukuroi Mental Health & Wellness Services, LLC, our clinical mental health professionals acknowledge that what has caused problems or pain in the past makes a person unique and resilient. We walk collaboratively with clients on their journey to aid in restoration and overall well being.

Our Providers

Our clinical mental health providers are here to support you. Together, we have intentionally cultivated a group of providers who range in the specialty areas,age groups, demographics, and treatment approaches we provide to be better able to meet your needs and goals. From our provider page you can review us individually, or search by specialty area, age group, and more.