Erin Foreman

Erin Foreman


Erin Foreman is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Erin is a novel helping professional, with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Bowling Green State University. She has experience in multiple community mental health agencies, spcializing in substance abuse disorders and comorbid substance abuse and mental health disorders. Additionally, she primarily has focused on working with clients who suffer from depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, eating disorders, and personality disorders.

Erin has extensive experience facilitating substance abuse treatment groups. As the result of her work with the substance using clients, she believes that substance abuse and underlying mental health issues are intricately connected. Therefore, she views healing as needing to be an all-encompassing approach that considers the whole person, not just their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. Erin takes an existential approach to much of her therapy work, as she has found that many struggles stem not only from unaddressed mental health concerns, but also from fundamental concerns with existence and connection to others.

Therapeutic goals include helping suffering persons to find meaning and purpose in their lives, develop more effective ways of communicating and connecting with others, and to critically evaluate their beliefs, values, and choices. Erin empowers her clients to develop the resiliency to confront the realities of life, take responsibility for their choices, and to ultimately create the present and future they desire. Erin frequently tells her clients that the goal isn’t necessarily to stop struggling as much as it is to enjoy life more and endure it less. Erin is available for diagnostic assessments, as well as both individual and group counseling services.